Sensa Spa

Wellness in South Tyrol at the La Maiena Meran Resort

We understand wellness in South Tyrol to be a holistic lifestyle concept at the La Maiena Meran Resort. We start the day well rested with a balanced breakfast with all kinds of healthy treats. A leisurely walk or rewarding hike outdoors surrounded by the nature around our hotel in Marling rebalance the mind, body and soul: the crystal clear air in the mountains, the breathtaking view and gentle exercise provide holistic well-being! Enjoy the very finest wellness in South Tyrol in our Sensa Spa Beauty & Hair with a beneficial massage, relaxing baths and wonderful beauty treatments. The varied gourmet dinner and appealing ambience at our hotel near Meran round off the perfect wellness experience in South Tyrol!

Our philosophy

To hear, smell, taste, see and feel – enjoy wellness with all 5 senses!

We are permanently receiving information: our senses give us consistently information about what is happening around ourselves. Without this information we would struggle in our world daily.

In our SENSA SPA you have the possibility to perceive your 5 senses in a more conscious way:

  • Feel your body again
  • See your true beauty
  • Smell the pleasant smell in our sauna and in the natural products we use
  • Taste the La Maiena pleasures
  • Hear yourself again 

Massages, physiotherapy, facial treatments, nail care, hairdresser and so much more awaits you. We would like you to feel good and forget about the time for a little while!

Our team gives personal advice at any time and finds the best treatment for your full relaxation!

We are happy to take reservations by phone on +39 0473 221 133 or by e-mail at

Our partner



With TEAM DR JOSEPH we have found our ideal partner. Founded in 1986, the family-owned company is the expression of a lifelong fascination for the world of plants and their functional ingredients. The award-winning high-tech natural cosmetics combine carefully selected natural functional ingredients with the latest technologies for your skin health.

Team Dr Joseph embodies those principles that also guide our hotel:

  • Responsible use of nature and its resources
  • Highest quality
  • Practiced sustainability
  • Holistic approach
  • Effective high-tech natural cosmetics with visible instant results
  • Treatment methods individually customized to your needs

The best of high-tech and nature.

JetPeel TM

Our skin is our largest organ. She works at all times, breathes, regulates body heat and is a constant protective shield.

But facial contours and skin structure change over the course of a lifetime. The skin becomes dry, wrinkled, and blotchy. The reasons for this are age, environmental influences and metabolic changes. The skin suffers from a loss of elasticity and moisture, forms wrinkles and shows barrier and pigment disorders.

The beauty industry has developed a wide range of ointments, creams and technical treatments to counteract these changes. The various attempts to deliver active ingredients into deeper skin layers were not always scientifically founded in the past.

JetPeel™ has clinically proven its effectiveness several times. It revolutionizes the possibilities of cosmetically treating the traces that life leaves on the skin.

Thanks to the patented JetPeel™ technology and specially adapted special reagents, JetPeel™ enjoys the advantages of the monopoly market with all of its unique selling points.

A finely bundled aerosol jet brings the highly effective serums into a deep layer of skin (stratum reticulare) without pain or contact. This hydroporation technique is based on the laser beam. It works without irritating or injuring the skin.

We have developed highly active serums for many indications. We have adapted their viscosity so that, in conjunction with the JetPeel technology, they go transcutaneously to where they are supposed to work: in the skin.

The aerosol jet not only sends the special active ingredients to their place of action between the layers of the skin, but they are also spring-loaded between the collagenous layers of the connective tissue. Medically effective components or blood serum are injected needle-free – without the risk of wheal deposits or other side effects.

Hydroporation with JetPeel™ in connection with the active ingredients specially developed for JetPeel™ guarantees reproducible, perfect results. Studies by German universities and university dermatological clinics confirm the effectiveness and depth of penetration of the JetPeel™ technology.

Wella Professionals

Wella has been a standout in the hair color industry for years. This heritage company has always focused on cutting-edge hair products. With roots reaching as far back as the 1890s, Wella was founded on the design and creation of wig bases (also known as tulles). Over the years, Wella has been a pioneer of the hair industry. Some of their ahead-of-their-time innovations included portable perm machines, hair balm, dryers, emulsions, and color.

There aren’t many hair color companies that boast such a long history or such a vast catalog of high-end products. Wella’s amazing staff has consistently adapted to the ever-changing demands of consumers. Throughout the decades, Wella has employed trained generations of talented hair care specialists.

One thing we love about Wella is that their hair care products have always been in line with modern trends. For instance, Wella introduced the world’s first demi-permanent color in the late 80s, a time when big, vibrant hair was all the rage.


Natural and sustainable beauty is the credo of the Italian family-owned business with its headquarter in Parma. For the team, the customer satisfaction counts equally as the conservation of the planet. 

Davines sets a high value on harmony, unity and benevolent traditions. Only a respectful handling with the customer, the nature and with other people too, can be named as sustainable. Carefree beauty with a clear conscience. Davines obligates itself with its body care and beauty products to nature and human beings



OPI is a professional nail polish brand that is popular across the globe for a variety of nail care and design products. The abbreviation OPI stands for Odontorium Products, Inc. Originally it was a dental supplier based in Los Angeles, CA. The company was purchased in 1981 by George Schaeffer, who refocused its direction to nail polish industry and abbreviated the name to OPI.

Schaeffer still remains the president of the company. A major part of OPI business is Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. She is the current Executive Vice President and Artistic Director. Her name is well known to many OPI nail polish funs because of the popular OPI polishes, such as “Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees”, “I’m Suzy & Im a Chocoholic”, “Suzi & the Lifeguard” etc.

OPI polishes are famous for their ProWide brush, designed for quicker and easier application, and for their “green” formula. OPI is Big 3 Free, which means that it doesn’t contain DBP (dibutyl phthalate), toluene, or formaldehyde.

All OPI nail polishes have great catchy names. “Barefoot in Barcelona” from OPI Spain collection, “What’s With the Cattitude?” designed for OPI’s Shrek Forever After collection, “Eiffel for this Colour” from France collection, “La Paz-itively Hot” created for South American collection of 2002, and so many more wonderful colors and names!

Every year OPI launches 4 seasonal collections: Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday. Two of them are themed to a geographic location, e.g. Swiss or France collections. Fall and Holiday collections usually consist of 12 shades each, Spring and Summer are varied.

Additional OPI nail polish collections are spaced periodically throughout the year: annual SoftShades and Designer Series, as well as novel nail polish sets. OPI also does tie-in collections, such as OPI’s Pirates Of The Caribbean 2011 collection. Tie-in collections are usually smaller (4 or 6 colors) than the main seasonal or annual collections, e.g. Alice in Wonderland collection of Spring 2010 includes only 4 polishes.

OPI also has 2 more nail polish brands: Nicole by OPI (designed for younger consumers) and Sephora by OPI (exclusively in Sephora). The brand Pawlish by OPI (“color for nails for those with tails”) was designed for animals, but it was discontinued several years ago.


High up in the mountains, where nature unfolds in all its glory and plants reveal their special powers to man, this is also the home of Alpienne. The extraordinary quality of the natural products is based on the use of carefully controlled wild-growing raw ingredients: Herbs and plants such as arnica, St. John’s wort, propolis and pine from the most pristine alpine environment imaginable, where they are able to develop to their full effect. The emulsions and bases are created from high-quality olive oil, beeswax, wool wax, fresh spring water and – if needed for the texture and benefits – with the aid of mild alcohol from fruit distillates. The result is 100% naturally pure beauty and feel-good products, which achieve their effects and extended storage life without resorting to synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives or other additives.



Long-lived experience and retraining formed Rajudhara® to what it is today: a holistic master plan made of modern insights and South Tyrolean natural identity. The holistic philosophy sets the body’s own healing process in the focus. Rajudhara® gently supports the blood circulation, detoxification, and cellular regeneration, and therefore boosts the personal wellbeing. The biggest gift we can make to ourselves, is to strengthen our own immune system and give our mind serenity and rest. 


Sensa Spa – a holiday for all senses!

You enjoy wellness in South Tyrol in the “Sensa Spa” feel-good oasis at our La Maiena Meran Resort, as wellness dreams come true here! The heated indoor pool with coloured light whirlpool and spacious lounging area as well as the large outdoor pool with whirlpool, children’s pool and water features are ideal for all active pleasure-seekers and water babies. In the summer you can top up on plenty of sun on the sunbathing lawn and really totally relax – that’s also part of wellness in South Tyrol too.

Our guests feel in seventh heaven in the Sauna complex too. We heat up various saunas every day from 2.00 to 8.00 p.m. – there’s guaranteed to be one that suits your taste! For the perfect wellness moment in South Tyrol you can choose from a finnish sauna, goodlife steam bath, infrared sauna with salt pillars and an olive herbal sauna

Wellness in South Tyrol – at the La Maiena hotel we also see this as that feeling of winding down and enjoying the silence. Water loungers and several private cuddling niches are provided for you in the chill-out room in front of the saunas. The stunning view over the spa town of Merano/Meran does the rest to ensure your holiday is a huge success at our wellness hotel in South Tyrol. Our secret tip for anyone seeking peace and quiet: there is a rose garden behind our residence. Idyllic nature and chirping birds allow you to soon forget about everyday life – that’s what wellness in South Tyrol should be like.

Our “Emilia” private spa suite is perfect for anyone who wants to experience wellness in South Tyrol with their sweetheart, dear mum or best friend in private intimacy: a private steam bath, warm water bed for cuddling up and relaxing, a luxurious double bath and massage lounge for two and a private garden provide a very special wellness experience in South Tyrol.

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